December 14 2017 sees the start of a brand new Scandinavian management when two very senior music business executives join forces; Marie Dimberg and Tomas Jernberg.
Marie Dimberg started her management 1997 and represents some of the most successful and respected artists in Sweden; Per Gessle, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette), Peter Jöback, Loney Dear, Jonas Åkerlund and Emmi Christensson. Marie was also key in breaking Swedish starlet Agnes internationally. Prior to starting her management, Marie spent several years with EMI where she held the positions of Head of PR, Marketing and Vice President of EMI International in London to mention a few. Ulf Lundell, Wilmer X, Rebecka Törnqvist, Jakob Hellman, Lisa Ekdahl were some of the local artists Marie launched at EMI and some of the international artists in her work field were Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Blur, Tina Turner, Pink Floyd, Queen and Radiohead. Marie was instrumental from the start of one of Sweden’s most successful international acts; Roxette. Marie has been named “the most influential woman in the Swedish music industry” and last year she was awarded the prestigious prize “Most Valuable Person” at Denniz Pop Awards.
Tomas Jernberg has a solid background in management through his own management which he ran for ten years representing Hammerfall and Mustasch among others. For six years Tomas has been with Warner Music and during the last four, he held the position Director of International Exploitation of Warner Music, an executive role responsible for global marketing of Scandinavian artists such as Miriam Bryant, Julie Bergan, Sabina Ddumba, NONONO, Otto Knows, Nause, Roxette and Christopher.
”I worked closely with Tomas in connection with the Roxette releases on Warner. After twenty years on my own,  I’m thrilled to take a new, big step with Tomas. We complete each other through our different paths and we want to build a strong management with a strong, Nordic roster” says Marie.
”Marie and I are a dream team – I cannot imagine a better partner in creating a Nordic super management. Together we have a solid background in building artist careers both locally and globally and that’s what we’ll continue doing” says Tomas.


Marie Dimberg & Tomas Jernberg 2017

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